Automotive Recruitment Specialists

Automotive Job Finder is the result of an unwavering passion and a belief structure that secures and retains the “Best of the Best ” in qualified candidates, and this is a much more “in-depth” process than any average job board, such as: Indeed, CareerBuilder, Auto Jobs, the list is endless.

What are you as an automotive dealer and automotive HR director seeking in qualified candidates?

The answer is (qualified) driven to succeed and to want to reach a higher level of employment and career opportunities candidate.

For the past 34 years, I have sought out qualified candidates for positions I needed filling immediately but learned my search criteria rarely found the right person or persons to represent my companies. Instead, I found the wrong person/persons representing themselves in a market “only designed” for professionals.

When I founded Automotive Job Finder in 2008, I wanted the “automotive community” to discover true talent at the click of the mouse. Finally: A one recourse automotive site designed to curtail all your wants and needs as a dealer who seeks “true professionals,” seeking a true dealer filling their seats of candidates.

A one recourse automotive venue for “all things automotive.”

As our company reduces the chances of turnover, we offer the following:

  • Prescreened background checks on all prospective employees.
  • We will do all the background and reference checks before reaching out to you to secure your perfect candidate.
  • If they don’t pass the initial dealer specific search results, they are eliminated from the search criteria..
  • Your dealer specific search criteria would eliminate all unwanted members from joining your team.